The kayak is attributed to a source eskimo, more specifically inuit. The word would mean "pot-of-man" or "clothes for going in the water" as it was built to the extent of the paddler. In the society husky, the underage could not use these boats, and only upon reaching the age of majority, in a ritual act, the family built their own kayak. It is said that if an eskimo was going out to hunt and didn't come back was because he had used a boat to borrow.

In its origin, in the Arctic, the kayak was originally conceived as a boat one man show consisting of a wooden frame covered in skins. Have an antiquity of at least 4000 years. The most past kayaks recovered are displayed today in the department of North America of the ethnological museum in Munich.The eskimos, they have also created garments specific to this activity as the anorak or the so-called cubrebañeras, which in his case only leaving uncovered the face of the paddler.

Now you know a bit more about the history of the Kayak. The day has vitalizador a lot of use and is a sport that is growing every day.