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Descubre nuestros Kayaks RTM

Discover our Kayaks RTM

REFERENCE OF THE KAYAKS, SIT-ON-TOP The duo Ocean Rotomod is the kayak more versatile. The kayak rotomod is autodeslizante, practical, comfortable, robust and secure, it can be used alone, in 3 or 4 people. Ideal for the family, the duo Ocean be your companion...

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5 razones para practicar kayaking

5 reasons to go kayaking

These are our 5 reasons to go kayaking and never leave that we hope will surprise you: *Is fun. The first reason is not other than this, because the kayak is fun. You can spend big on practicing kayaking with your friends and family, also...

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Historia del Kayak

History of Kayaks

The kayak is attributed to a source eskimo, more specifically inuit. The word would mean "pot-of-man" or "clothes for going in the water" as it was built to the extent of the paddler. In the society husky, the underage could not use these boats and only...

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