These are our 5 reasons to go kayaking and never let it that we hope that you will surprised:

*It's fun. The first reason is not other than this, because the kayak is fun. You can spend big on practicing kayaking with your friends and family, with children. Because it is a sport really fun and exciting. Even if you don't know how to swim, you could pass it in a big way, although it is strongly recommended especially if you're going to go through the roads less calm, more agitated.

*You closer to the nature. You'll be able to discover more nature that is waiting for you in the sea, especially under the sea if you use a kayak transparent, because you're going to be able to see just what you have underneath. It is stunning to discover the seabed. But you'll also know the best routes, rivers, trails, fauna, flora... is impressive.

*Do exercise. Although it seems that not, do exercise and can become tiresome very much. Which is perfect if you want to exercise while testing a fun sport. And what is very important, is that it also helps you to disconnect, so it is very full. Even if what you want is to exercise the legs, you can buy a kayak, pedal, it will be amazing.

*It is for all ages. Any person between 8 and 65 years is ready to go kayaking. Because you'll be able to kayak for a variety of places very different. That is to say, you can go on the plain by the bank or getting into the surf especially if you're in shape or you are experienced.

*Not expensive. Unlike other sports, kayaking comes off fairly priced because it doesn't have to buy the computer if you do not want to, since you're going to be able to rent it in many places to practice this sport.